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I’m Gu, Product Designer and No-Code Developer. I help teams design & launch digital products — sometimes I build my own.


  • Bubble App of the Day: Incomee - Interview

    We spoke with Incomee founder, Guglielmo Pardo, about building an app that helps freelancers send invoices and manage finances. Guglielmo has worked as a front-end developer, as well as a product designer; he spends his free time working on side projects, like Incomee.

  • Data-informed Design to reduce uncertainty

    As a product designer, it’s easy to focus only on the creation of beautiful prototypes and pixel-perfect design. However, if the solution does not solve the user’s problem or if it doesn’t fit the purpose it was meant to serve, the design and all the work behind it will be pointless.

  • How Guglielmo P. built an invoicing app for creatives

    In my opinion, the key is to be open-minded, don't be too attached to your first idea. When your MVP or better MDP (Minimum Delightful Product) is out, talk with the users and get as much feedback as possible. Be open to change your product based on the user needs/feedback.

  • ⚗ Introducing Stuart’s Design System

    Stuart is a B2B delivery platform and on-demand logistics solutions for all kinds of businesses. Our mission is to design and build innovative solutions to help our clients grow. Keirin is our design system, created with the express intention to help accomplish this mission.

  • My first 8 months as a Design Manager

    In October 2021 I was promoted from a hybrid role, Team Lead, to a manager role at Docplanner. I felt excited and motivated to be growing albeit thinking it was not such a big change since I was already acting managerial tasks; but I was wrong about that 😆.



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